Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does PHP Performance build the Twin Turbo kits for the 2015 Mustang GT.?

A. PHP Performance is a specialty performance shop that installs and tunes all kits we sell.

Q. Does PHP Performance really have 2015 Mustang GT cars for sale right now?

A. Yes, PHP Performance has 2015 Mustang GT cars for sale with the Twin Turbo kits installed and ready to sell.

Q. What Kit does PHP Performance use on their cars?

A. PHP Performance only uses the very best Twin Turbo products available today; PHP Performance has an exclusive agreement with Hellion Power Systems in several states to distribute all the products they provide.

Q. Does the 2015 Mustang GT Twin Turbo Kit really put out 600+HP on the Dyno.

A. Yes, very easy with only about 6.5 pounds of boost these kits are very powerful, The PHP Performance Kits can produce anywhere from 600-1200 HP depending on the setup you use. The 600 HP Twin Turbo Kit in very fast for street and strip applications.

Q. Is PHP Performance the first to sell complete cars with the Twin Turbo Kits on them.

A. Yes, PHP Performance is the first company to introduce a new complete car with the Twin Turbo Kit for sale.

Q. How fast is the Twin Turbo Kits on the new 2015 Mustang GT.?

A. The performance is stunning, when you get behind the wheel the power plants you in the seat.

Q. Power wise how does the Twin Turbo Kit compare to the Corvette ZR1?

A. PHP Performance Kits will have no problem with any Corvette on the street or strip.  See PHP Performance link under videos Mustang GT Twin Turbo vs ZR1.

Q. Do the cars come with any kind of Warranty?

A. Yes, there is a warranty on the parts that we install. Ford still has the factory warranty on none power train parts. If you need a fully power train warranty PHP Performance has several different warranty’s available to our customers.

Q. Can I see a complete car for sale?

A. Yes, PHP Performance is part of Super Ford Racing team. You may see the complete cars at Larry H Miller Super Ford Located at 1340 S 500 W, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115 (801) 207-7792. They will be on the showroom floor for display.

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